Welcome to LAVA.sk !

LAVA server provides you with reliable, fast and comfortable world-wide-presentation for very good prices.
We are at your service in matter of connecting you to the internet, providing you with primary domains (www.whatever.sk), creating a web-site according to Your concepts and requirements (including the updating), guidance in www sphere, as well as in many other services (special translations from/to other languages /see our www.skip.sk site/, help in solving your soft/hardware problems and many others).

What you get if you choose LAVA?

  + FREE 1-month-trial service

250 MB of space on server

+ FREE domain registration www.[whateveryouwant].sk
  + FREE capability of using CGI, Perl, PHP, SSI scripts
25 server access accounts + FREE capability of using MySQL databases
  + FREE WAP protocol support
unlimited number of e-mail addresses + FREE ftp access for www updating 24 hours a day
  + FREE detailed graphic statistics of the access to your websites
unlimited number of subdomains + FREE scripts for sending forms by e-mail
  + FREE technical guidance and support
from 166 Sk per month + other discounts and special deals + FREE access to your mail anywhere in the world via WWW
  + FREE control panel for your website administration (mail, accounts, subdomains, passwords)

contact us on: juice@lava.sk
tel: 0905 928 479, 0905 226 583